Updates on Plant Work Schedules





As an update to our previous Memo dated May 14, 2020. We are working through the gradual ramp up process that we are experiencing through our Customer orders and releases.  The ramp up is progressing smoothly and we estimate this to continue for the next four (4) to eight (8) weeks.

Please continue to be patient as we will be contacting all Employees individually on an as needed basis to return to work.  Again, do not report in to work unless you are directly contacted to do so.

We continue to remind Employees that may have recently changed their contact information to provide their updated information either through the hotline numbers listed below or send to tdunn@atlantapmf.com

As an additional reminder, due to COVID-19, there are new Health and Safety policies and procedures that must be followed.  Every Employee will be trained on their first day back.  Also remember to bring with you, your completed and signed COVID-19 Employee Self-Screening Form on your first day back.

Thank you for your patience and support as planning through this ramp up phase will fluctuate somewhat as we receive updated details from our customers.

We will try to keep everyone updated through our News section on our website at: www.atlantapmf.com

We wish all our Employees and their Families the best of health during these extenuating circumstances.


Management Team
Guelph Manufacturing Group & Atlanta Precision Metal Forming